U-Haul U-Box portable storage units

The convenient alternative for moving or storage on your own schedule

You can pick up your U-Box portable storage unit at The Storage Depot, or we can deliver one or more to your door. Call us for other U-Box delivery options.

The Storage Depot is your West Memphis and Marion source for U-Haul U-Box portable storage units. U-Box portable storage units hold about a room-and-a-half of household goods. U-Box units are the perfect solution when you want to handle moving and storage on your own schedule and your own convenience.

U-Box portable storage units are available for your personal pickup or we can deliver one or more portable storage units to your door. Once you pack your U-Box, you can take it to your destination, or bring it back to Temperance Hill Security Storage and will store it in our warehouse until you need it. Or we can pick your U-Box up and take it directly to our secure warehouse until you need it.

When you are ready to retrieve your stored goods, just give us a call and let us know where you want your U-Box delivered, or we can bring it back to our premises where you can pick it up. Call us for complete details and other alternatives for delivery, pick up, and storage.

Storage and Moving Supplies

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U-Box portable storage unit specs

A U-Box portable storage unit holds about a room and a half of household items. If you got it into your house, you can get it into a U-Box portable storage unit.

  • Dimensions: 8' X 5' X 7'6" Length x Width x Height
  • Capacity: 257 cubic ft
  • Your U-Box portable storage unit can hold up to 2,000 lbs.

How to use a U-Box portable storage unit

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