Select from nine storage unit sizes at the Storage Depot

The Storage Depot offers you clean, convenient storage space for just a few items or a complete household and more. If you are not certain just what size standard storage unit will best meet your needs, the information below will help you make that decision. The Storage Depot staff will be happy to advise you and answer your storage, packing and moving questions, so please ask us.

The Storage Depot standard unit doors are individually alarmed. These are West Memphis and Marion's finest standard storage units.

If you need storage or moving supplies, equipment or accessories, remember our moving and storage store. You'll find what you need without having to go anywhere else.

Size Similar to Capacity / Contents
5' x 5' Small closet, 25 sq. ft. Sports equipment, skis, small boxes, golf clubs
5' x 10' Large closet, 50 sq. ft. Contents of a 10' moving truck, or box springs, mattress, sofa, chairs, boxes, chest of drawers
5' x 15' Walk-in closet, 75 sq. ft. Contents of a van or a small or studio apartment
10' x 10' Small bed room, 100 sq. ft. Contents of a small rental truck or a two-bedroom apartment
10' x 15' One car garage Will hold approximately the contents of a 24' moving truck, or two-to-three rooms of furniture
10' x 20' Two-car garage, 180 sq. ft. Furnishings from a two or three bedroom apartment/home with appliances, many boxes and extras or a car or truck, Will hold contents of a 24 ft. truck.
10' x 25' Larger one-car garage, 250 sq. ft. Full size car. boat on trailer plus boxes or contents of a medium three bedroom house
10' x 30' Larger two-car garage, 300 sq. ft. Full size car, plus boat on trailer or contents of a medium three bedroom house
15' x 30' Three-car garage, 450 sq. ft. All of the above plus contents of a 20' moving truck.